Reviews of Whole Business Thinking

Industry leaders share their opinions about Whole Business Thinking.

In this profoundly important book, Robert Block has taken the focus of management to an entirely new level. Incredible! -Michael Gerber, Author E-Myth, and recognized small business expert.

Robert Block makes financial management and financial strategy comprehensible even for those like me who are not trained or experienced even in the basics of balance sheets. Like an easy flowing symphony, the pages of this book sing in a grand manner. The use of Timeline to organize the sequence of various financial tables and the linking of strategy to financial ratios should help many business managers pick up the baton and make the music they want to hear. – N.S. Sridharan PhD, Chief Architect for Knowledge Management, Intel (retired)

This book is a must read for anyone with management responsibility!  It distills the author’s nearly six decades of active business and management experiences in advertising, media, telecommunication, energy, entertainment, education, software, etc. into a marvelous framework of Whole Business Thinking (WBT) for effective management of any organization. WBT allows managers to have a bird’s eye view of the whole business context from thirty thousand feet while, at the same time, provides down-to-earth practical ways to handle their daily tasks in an effective and efficient manner. Furthermore, WBT helps all managers in an organization to communicate effectively in linking their operational decisions to financial performances.  This is one of the most practical and comprehensive management books I have read and written in plain and easily understood language. – Raymond Yeh PhD, Co-author of The Art of Business & Zero Time

Bob Block has been around enough to understand the facts about business, and has a track record of seeing through assumptions about the future with remarkable clarity.  In EXECUTIVE MANAGEMENT– Whole Business Thinking he shares his insights with a generous portion of common sense in a way that allows you to tie that knowledge to your own experiences and perspectives. WBT is a refresher course for business planning and management that interjects global and emerging truths into basic training and principles – a virtual boot camp where you sharpen your edge for business survival and success.

Block reminds you that the basis for financial plans, like all plans, is a set of assumptions.  Facts occur in the past and present.  Plans and assumptions address the future.  You live, work, and plan in the ever changing present.  He recommends you use The 7 Steps of Dynamic Planning to develop your financial plan and then proceeds to explain just how to do that.  (Even draws you a picture.).

If you think it is difficult to sort out business management thinking and financial management thinking, think again.  Block’s common sense portrayal of financial statements and their components, illustrated with examples, makes perfect sense to even those with no accounting knowledge. Then he describes how an “ideal” business tool manages and delivers the business financial information to the best advantage of the business.  And here he really draws the pictures. Finally he delivers the mother of all business glossaries.  His “Business Terms and Performance Indicators” is beyond compare. Way to go, Bob! - Charles LeGrand, CIO of the Institute of Internal Auditors Research Foundation.  Charles produced the landmark Systems Auditability and Control reports.

I’ve known Bob Block as a friend and partner for more than 35 years.  Thinking out of the box is something he has always done with great success.  Whole Business Thinking is a good example of Bob’s ability to creatively synthesize complex concepts into an easy to understand presentation.  - Thomas P. Rosandich PhD, President of the United States Sports Academy, America’s University of Sport

Many people have ideas!  However, the rare few become successful when they know how to turn those ideas into a workable blueprint. Mr. Block’s insight and knowledge of what it takes to successfully manage a business to a fruitful conclusion is without equal. He succinctly, based on his years of achievement and learned by both trial and error, explains what needs to be done.  The genius of his book is its ability to impart in lay terms his years of knowledge condensed beyond belief as a working tool that any embryo or working executive can put to valuable use and can refer to time and again.  It is the finest book on business management that I have ever had the pleasure to read.  Sheldon A. Saltman, former President, 20th Century Fox Sports, Executive Vice President, G.M. 20th Century Fox Telecommunications

Whole Business Thinking provides corporate decision makers and business owners who want to integrate finance and operations with important information to control the financial consequences of business activities. This book is an outstanding work that clearly shows management how to link past experience and the future financial goals. – Ibrahim Cakir PhD, President IC Limited, successful businessman, former Director of Foreign Investment and Deputy Undersecretary of Treasury and Foreign Trade of the Prime Ministry, Turkey

This is an astonishing book: clear; concise and cogent.  It is also wise. Whole Business Thinking is a vision and a blueprint for action.  Robert Block is your guide – a very seasoned, experienced guide – and he walks you, short step by short step, from the simplest concepts to the most profound views of operational and financial performance.  In a remarkably few pages, you get an understanding of financials and what drives them: how to read them, how to use them.  Probably even how to like them.  But more, you think about your business differently.  You get comprehensive and integrated and smarter than you knew you could get about your whole business.  Few books can dramatically improve the quality of your thinking about your business…this one does. – Kate McKeown, Coauthor Beyond IBM with Louis Mobley. Kate teaches Entrepreneurship at the Fordham Graduate School of Business.  She taught for nine years in the Birthing of Giants program at MIT, co-sponsored by Inc. Magazine

Everyone involved in business management should be armed with a copy of this much-needed book. In his revised Whole Business Thinking, Bob Block has mobilized his formidable analytical and communication skills as well as his experience of growing successful businesses over many years to achieve a remarkable double – he provides a clear, fully comprehensive and user-friendly guide to the complex language of financial management and at the same time his Whole Business Thinking concept demonstrates the benefits of the active awareness and involvement of all levels of management in an organization’s financial strategic planning and management.  - Richard Hilliard, Managing Director Xpertfunding Limited, London

Three words: Clear. Concise. User-friendly. Whole Business Thinking is an excellent user-guide providing valuable information in a level of vernacular that both the practical doer and theoretical thinker could easily understand, appreciate and apply. Indeed, businesses are made of various key players with different views on how a business operates…this book helps bring out the best business concepts and execute it with foresight, as only Whole Business Thinking (WBT) could! – Ahmet Cosar PhD, Finance and Business Executive with more than 30 years of executive experience in financial and general management in businesses serving multicultural Fortune 100 companies that include ITT, Alcatel, Warner-Lambert, Hoechst and Volkswagen

Robert is one of the most innovative persons I know. If you pay a visit to his office, you will be overwhelmed by the huge number of patents he obtained. He is extremely experienced in doing business.  While having concrete theoretical base to support his ideas, he is also very practical in the application of them. I am sure that readers, especially those who want to start their own businesses will find this book very useful.  -  Samson Tam, Chairman Group Sense Ltd.  Hong Kong

Powerful and thought-provoking, Whole Business Thinking bonds financial and operating executives into an efficient and effective multidimensional team.  This book is packed with ideas that can be implemented quickly, resulting in positive changes to the bottom line. – Thomas J. D’Amico, President, CEO, American Flags Express Inc.,