Whole Business Thinking

Whole Business Thinking
by Robert S. Block

Whole Business Thinking BookFew books can dramatically improve the quality of your thinking about your business…this one does. – Kate McKeown, Co-author, Beyond IBM.

Why are early reviewers saying such great things about Whole Business Thinking?

Here are just a few of the reasons:

  • It’s 3-dimensional and founded on solid business sense: the Whole Business Thinking model developed by Robert S. Block. From a high level, he shows you business integration, cross-communication and the 3-dimensional links that must be created for business to succeed in today’s fast-paced, competitive marketplace.
  • Business Terms and Performance Indicators. The compendium of business terms included in Whole Business Thinking is a book in itself. It’s indispensable and complete with more than 700 business terms and measures.
  • Whole Business Thinking is an education in 3-dimensional management. Whether you need a refresher course or are coming to the concepts for the first time, you’ll learn and deepen your business knowledge. The author puts his decades of experience in a broad range of businesses at your disposal.
  • It’s practical. The author takes you through the executive thinking that goes into running a business, department or organization; then, he shows you how to apply your new, 3-dimensional thinking to your company and your office.
  • It’s organized to make its complexities easy to understand. Make no mistake: these are not simple theories and practices that Robert S. Block is teaching. They are complex. Block’s organization of the complexity makes it easy to understand. You’ll find yourself grasping terms and concepts you never have before.
  • Chapter wrap-ups provide Key Points for your review. The Key Points alert you: do you need to review a section you missed? The Key Points also serve as your outline as you go back and peruse your new insights. And you will! These are changes you’ll keep in your hip pocket for years to come.
  • Graphs. Charts. Spreadsheets. Robert S. Block uses them all to expand your understanding of the 3-dimensional concepts he presents.