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3D Business Tools addresses the needs of corporate decision-makers, executives, managers, entrepreneurs, business owners and business students who seek to improve their company’s operating and financial performance.

Whole Business Thinking Management Book

Executive Management - Whole Business Thinking Book

This book, by Robert S. Block (Bob), founder and chairman of 3D Business Tools addresses the needs of corporate decision makers, executives, managers, entrepreneurs and business owners who seek to understand and improve their company’s financial performance.  EM-WBT introduces powerful concepts to help business people understand the past, identify and analyze alternatives, plan the future, execute their plans and evaluate performance.

EM-WBT demystifies complex financial concepts by explaining them in plain, easy to understand language.  Readers will learn how to link past financial performance to future financial goals; how to connect decisions and actions, called “strategies” (performance indicators), to their financial consequences and how to link the language of finance with the language of operations.  EM-WBT provides insight to help management analyze the details, synthesize the whole, make better business decisions and manage more efficiently and effectively.

More than 700 Business Terms and Measures Defined

Communication Counts: Bob gives you a goldmine of terms and measures— these are the business terms and measures you must understand to manage your business well. You’ll talk the talk as you learn to put high-level executive management practices to work in your business, your department, and your board room. Read more >

Seasoned Operating and Financial Executives: Based on solid Whole Business Thinking, EXECUTIVE MANAGEMENT provides a perspective and common language that can be shared among operating and financial executives. EM will help you make better decisions.

Entrepreneurs: To succeed, entrepreneurs must see their business as a whole, including the operating, financial and marketing aspects; at the same time they must understand each of their company’s components, how they are measured and how they contribute to the whole.  EM will be of enormous help to entrepreneurs at every stage of their growth.

Business Students:There is an important management principle that says, “If you cannot measure it, you cannot manage it.” Whether you need a refresher course or are learning sophisticated business concepts for the first time, EM will help you identify what to measure and how to measure it. You can think of it as a mini MBA course.

3D Business Tools Enterprise Management System (EMS)

3D Business Tools Enterprise Management System is a fully integrated operating and financial suite that automatically creates a comprehensive computer model of your business when your operating and financial data is input. EMS introduces powerful management concepts and perspectives and provides efficient software tools to help business executives and managers understand the past, analyze alternatives, plan the future, and evaluate and execute their plans.


Link Past, Present, Future.

Link Departments

Link to Success at All Levels

  • Link past financial statements to future financial goals.
  • Connect decisions and actions, called strategies, to their financial consequences.
  • Link the language of Finance with the language of Operations.
  • 3D Business Tools EMS provides analytical, forecasting, and presentation tools to help you manage your company more efficiently and effectively.

Smart, Integrated & Automated Performance Management – Connecting Decisions and Actions to Financial Consequences.