Executive Management Seminar

Whole Business Thinking Seminar Overview

Whole Business ThinkingWhole Business Thinking is available in a three-day seminar format.  The seminar addresses the needs of corporate decision makers, executives, managers, entrepreneurs and business owners who seek to understand and improve their company’s financial and operational performance.  Executive Management – Whole Business Thinking introduces powerful concepts to help business people understand the past, analyze alternatives, plan the future, execute their plans and evaluate performance.

Demystify, Absorb, Implement

The goal of this seminar is to demystify complex financial concepts by explaining them in plain, easy-to-understand language, and  provide participants with the ability to implement these executive management principles within your company.

Participants learn how to link past financial performance to future financial goals; how to connect decisions and actions, called “strategies” (implemented performance indicators), to their financial consequences, and how to link the language of finance with the language of operations. Executive Management – Whole Business Thinking provides insight to help management analyze the details, synthesize the whole, make better business decisions and manage more efficiently and effectively.

Seminar Topics

  • Whole Business Thinking
  • Enterprise Management Systems
  • 3DBT Financial Statement Matrix
  • Decision Support
  • Planning & Analysis
  • Strategy Management
  • Linking Financial & Non-Financial Metrics
  • Using Reports and Graphs Effectively
  • Creating Sustainable Growth

Seminar Objectives

At the conclusion of this seminar, you will be able to do the following for your company:

  • Understand the advantages of Whole Business Thinking vs. Silo Thinking.
  • Bridge the languages of finance and operations: understanding how financial and non-financial numbers relate in establishing performance goals
  • Organize and analyze financial statements for deeper meaning and to connect the past with the future
  • Improve decision making by connecting decisions and actions – called “strategies” – to their financial consequences.

Seminar Structure

  • 3 day seminar is the basic format, such as a Fri, Sat and Sun.  However, alternative formats are possible: ½ day modules allow the format to be flexible.  3 day = 6 modules (½ day).  So any combination of ½ day classes will work, such as six ½ days in a corporate setting so that staff are not away from work duties for a full day.  In this way, the program format is made adaptable to your corporate needs.
  • The content builds on each other, so a lesson does not stand alone but is best presented in the planned sequence. Each Lesson is composed of a Presentation—with class discussion. Most lessons incorporate a video clip and a practice exercise.
  • For each Lesson, the Workbook provides a Participant Guide that includes a PowerPoint presentation, handouts, paper-based exercises, and suggested homework or reading from the text.
  • A CD-ROM provides the opportunity for continued study and reference.  The CD includes handouts, 3DBT Decision Matrix, a PDF copy of the EM-wbt textbook for easy search, How Business Works (two narrated, animated PowerPoint presentations), and video interviews with the author.

Seminar Schedule

Executive Management Seminar