About the Company

A message from the Chairman and Founder

Robert S BlockI’ve been working toward the development of 3D Business Tools for more than 40 years. My interest in using computers to improve management performance began in the late 1950′s while working with a client who used an IBM 360 to manage a large toy inventory.

I became even more interested in the 1960′s when I purchased an IBM System 3 to help manage my growing advertising agency. We developed software to analyze and purchase television spots based on rating information we purchased from rating services.

It improved our buying efficiency so much that we became one of the 55 largest advertising agencies in the world. We then sold the software to major New York Advertising Agencies.

Management Systems

In the 1970′s my interest in improving management performance moved into high gear as a result of my participation in the creation of the Pay-TV industry. My experience studying audiences in the advertising business made clear to me that there was a substantial audience willing to pay to see movies, championship fights and other commercial free programs in the comfort of their own home. My company was among the first to be licensed by the Federal Communications Commission to provide Pay-TV services to subscribers. My tasks included marketing this new concept of Pay TV and setting up the management system to manage the large subscriber based business that was sure to follow. That meant I had to create a subscriber business management system for Pay-TV, because none existed.

Having successfully launched the Pay-TV business, in the early 1980′s I became interested in another new communication technology, cellular telephony. I participated in the launch of the cellular telephone business by organizing a group of applicants that were granted FCC licenses for more than 70 Cellular operating companies. In the mid 80’s I had the good fortune to partner with my friend Lou Mobley to develop the Mobley Matrix software system based on Lou’s extraordinary experience at IBM.

Management Performance Analysis

Beginning in the late 1980′s I started setting up communication companies in developing nations. This activity continued through the 1990′s and into the new millennium. Working overseas has given me new insights into management performance. My involvement in communications and computing inexorably led me to participate in the extraordinary growth of high technology and the Internet, where there are yet other management challenges.

In 2000 I began to concentrate my international business activities in Asia with a special emphasis on China, the world’s newest economic engine.

Doing business in China has confirmed that while basic underlying business principles are the same everywhere, important differences require the ability to understand business from multiple perspectives.

Throughout my business career, I have found a strong link between management performance and the availability of timely, appropriate and useful information. 3D Business Tools was founded and The Enterprise Management System was developed to provide business managers with a unique set of software tools to help them identify, acquire, analyze and use appropriate and useful information to improve business performance.


Robert S. Block